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  • The Hollywood Reporter brings word tonight that Captain Marvel 2 is now in development with the writer of WandaVision penning the script.
  • The Saw franchise has been around since 2004, and like the vast majority of long-running horror brands, the law of diminishing returns set in a long time ago. The first installment is still the most fondly-remembered of them all, and brought something different to the genre when graphically-violent 'torture porn' was still all the rage, […]
  • Get ready, True Believers, because Black Widow is officially hitting cinemas in exactly 100 days! We haven't had an MCU movie since last July, and we've still got another few months to go yet, but this abnormally-long gap between Marvel films is shrinking, as the counter will be on double digits from tomorrow. And to celebrate, the […]
  • Robert Englund finally explains the story behind his supposed Star Wars audition all those years ago and sets the record straight.
  • With all of the recent news that followed in the wake of the recently-released Morbius trailer, which sparked all kinds of online debate about whether or not Sony's Marvel movies will tie into the MCU, how Spider-Man will fit into both cinematic universes and whether or not the studio is already building towards a Sinister […]