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  • George Clooney is still regarded as one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, which is impressive when you consider that he hasn't appeared in a movie for almost five years. The leading man of the Ocean's franchise was last seen in a feature film in Jodie Foster's underrated Money Monster, but he'll be back on […]
  • The Stephen King business is still booming in Hollywood, and there are currently eleven movies and eight TV shows in various stages of development based on the works of the prolific author. Much like his novels, though, the adaptations are marked with inconsistency, spawning just as many stone-cold classics as there have been absolute failures.
  • Henry Cavill was a left-field choice for the part of Sherlock Holmes in Netflix's smash hit Enola Holmes, but it turns out to have been a stroke of genius to cast the DC star as the Great Detective. The internet is loving him in the role and, though it's still Millie Bobby Brown's show, Cavill's take […]
  • The film plays with form the way Enola plays with words: dazzlingly, whimsically and sarcastically. It's a breezy escape from a world that seems to be getting darker by the day.
  • Tom Holland's new movie will be heading exclusively to streaming early next year as it skips theaters entirely.