Upcoming 2020 Horror Movies

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From the looks of things we are in for a fun entertainment ride in 2020. There are some great bands touring. We have some great movies coming out and some interesting looking Horror flicks . Here are a few of the long list of upcoming horror movies that seem to have great potential.

The Grudge 1/3/2020

This film has had several adaptations The 2004 movie Directed by Takashi Shimizu was a remake of Shimizus 2002 Japanese horror flick Ju-On – The Grudge . It spawned 2 creepy sequels and next January the Nicolas Pesce re-imagining will be scaring the hell out of fans.

The Turning 1/24/2020

Based on the Henry James book ” Turn of the Screw ” This story was first told as a serial piece in Colliers weekly magazine in early 1898. It has been the basis for plays,radio shows, a subplot on the original ” Dark Shadows” TV series and the 1961 film ” The Innocents” . The tale is timeless Gothic horror and a good incarnation of the story has potential to become a cult classic for years to come. This version has a good chance at greatness. The screenplay is written by The Conjuring‘s Chad & Carey Hayes and Floria Sigismondi ( who makes some creepy fucking short films) is the Director.

Gretal and Hansel 1/31/2020

Everyone knows this story, mostly from its watered down children’s tale version. It will be interesting to see how this looks on-screen The trailer looks good at least.

Fantasy Island 2/14/2020

For those old enough to remember the Television series of the same name this will be unsettling. I think we all knew there was more to Mr Roarke then he showed. The business of fulfilling peoples wildest dreams has usually been the providence of Genies, demons, Ed Mcman and on occasion hookers. The release notes say ” When their fantasies turn into nightmares, the guests have to solve the island’s mystery to save their lives.” This is on my must see list.

This takes us to February. There are a LOT more interesting movies to come next year. What are YOU looking forward to?

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