Ozzy sending fans “Straight to Hell” at Midnight 11/22/19

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Last January , the Legendary 70 year old singer/metal God was hospitalized with Influenza . Rumors were he was seriously ill after he suspended a European tour scheduled for the first few months of 2019.Fans were worried we were about to lose one of the greatest musical showmen ever recorded. The rumors and stories about Ozzy are filled with things that would have killed a mere mortal so we should all have known better. Turns out that 10 months later the ” Prince of Darkness” is still alive and well. His collaboration with Post Malone on the track ” Take all you want” has introduced him to yet another generation of fans. Malone and Ozzy are scheduled to perform the tune live at the American music awards on 11/23. That will be the first live performance by Ozzy in 11 months. He has however been keeping busy. “Under The Graveyard,” The first teaser track of his upcoming 2020 ” Ordinary man”Album has already dropped and his vocal chops are still as powerful as always. Apparently At midnight this Friday the 2nd track titled ” Straight to Hell” will be released. At least that is what the mysterious postcard on Ozzys website suggests.

We plan to be checking this out and hopefully be among the first to hear another badass tune from one of musics true legends. I suggest you do the same.

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